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Analysis on the application and solution of RFID smart anti-counterfeiting label

How to effectively prevent counterfeiting of goods? I believe that when this topic is mentioned, many companies have a headache. They use ordinary anti-counterfeiting labels to be pasted and printed on the packaging of goods. Often criminals use high-tech means to forge imitation labels. The emergence of Internet of Things RFID technology has brought anti-counterfeiting technology. The new development direction also reflects that anti-counterfeiting technology is a technology that keeps pace with the times and is constantly innovating. Using RFID smart anti-counterfeiting labels, the anti-counterfeiting information is invisible, making counterfeiters unable to start; even if the counterfeiters obtain the smart anti-counterfeiting label through improper channels, they cannot separate the information matrix from the label itself for imitation.
Store all product information, such as: name, composition, function, origin, shelf life, weight, price, usage guide, warning, etc., in the form of data in the RFID&NFC tag chip on the package, so that consumers can easily read this information . The packaging with electronic label data information can cover a wide range, and it can be applied to almost all products including food.

Common types of RFID smart anti-counterfeiting label applications:
1. RFID&NFC tag
2. RFID&NFC smart card
3. Leaflet of RFID&NFC smart promotion card
4. RFID&NFC smart tags
5. RFID&NFC sticker
6. RFID special tags
RFID anti-counterfeit tagWhat are the advantages of RFID smart anti-counterfeiting tags?
1. Fast recognition speed;
2. Strong penetration;
3. Large data capacity;
4. Long service life;
5. High security;
6. Small size and diversified shapes.
YX IoT provides enterprises with a professional one-item one-code RFID anti-counterfeiting label single product or packaging box solution. With product anti-counterfeiting traceability inventory as the core, it helps companies verify the authenticity, intelligently manages, facilitates real-time query by consumers, and enhances brand trust. For market activities, product dynamics, distribution status, consumer groups and other data, brand owners can monitor the entire process in the background, and the system automatically collects relevant data. By creating user portraits, product management is more convenient, and precision marketing is more direct and interesting. The RFID smart anti-counterfeiting label solution of IOT can integrate product anti-counterfeiting, smart phone applications, NFC&RFID chip technology and data to connect the needs of enterprises and customers, and provide a one-stop solution for smart anti-counterfeiting.


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