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What benefits can RFID book management systems and RFID book labels bring to libraries?

The RFID book management system applies RFID technology to the management of the library field to help the library realize the functions of self-service borrowing by readers, 24-hour self-service book return by readers, quick inventory of library materials, automatic book shelving, shelving, and more anti-theft functions. The application of the library RFID system frees the librarians from most of the tedious work and greatly enhances the modern management level of the library. The entire RFID system conforms to the ISO15693 and ISO18000-3 protocols, and can be compatible with various current mainstream RFID products. So what benefits can RFID book management systems and RFID book labels bring to libraries?
Library RFID system
From the perspective of social benefits:

1. Promote the rate of borrowing and returning books by readers, speed up the circulation rate of books in the library, and improve the convenience for readers to pick up books. Taking a library in Shenzhen as an example, the utilization rate of the self-service lending station has increased from 50% to 90%;
2. A large number of self-service lending stations for readers to improve other work efficiency of librarians and readers' privacy and borrowing rate;
3. Speed up the retrieval and search rate of documents, reduce the time for return and data processing, and enable readers to obtain the required documents more quickly;
4. Improve the search time efficiency of collection materials, the speed of classification collection error detection and shelf management, and provide readers with accurate and orderly document positions.

RFID book label
From the economic point of view:

1. The library cooperates with the RFID system to use a large number of automation equipment, which can reduce the labor intensity of librarians and speed up the circulation of readers;
2. Improve reader service and satisfaction without increasing personnel costs;
3. Effectively improve the asset management level of the library, and use the inventory equipment to count millions of books in a short time.
We believe that RFID is a technology that can bring major changes to the library. With the continuous deepening of RFID technology research and the continuous enhancement of functions, it will be popular in libraries in the future. Like local area network and library information management system, it becomes a necessary part of library automation technology. For more library RFID system and book label related content, welcome to pay attention to the exchange of core IoT technology.


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