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What are the application advantages of RFID pallet tags in logistics management?

In recent years, the competition in the global market has been fierce, and more and more enterprises have coordinated all aspects of the supply chain by integrating the supply chain of products, adopting "make-to-order", "zero inventory management", "multiple batches and small batches" and other businesses to coordinate all aspects of the supply chain. In order to ensure fast, timely and low-cost delivery of products to users, in this process, the difficulty of logistics management also increases, inventory information is inaccurate, the misidentification rate of shipments remains high, transportation and distribution are unreasonable, and empty Many problems such as high load rate are plaguing enterprises. Therefore, it is imperative to establish a logistics information system that can interact with customers, provide real-time inquiry, browsing, online cargo tracking, distribution planning, logistics resource scheduling, cargo inspection and other services of service information. With the help of the logistics information system, it can not only reduce the cost of some enterprises, improve the efficiency of communication between enterprises and customers, but also improve the response speed of transactions between the two parties, so that customers can truly experience the value-added experience brought by value-added services.
With the continuous increase in the number of types of materials managed by various types of warehouses, the requirements for inbound and outbound management are more stringent. The asset tray RFID management system and SZYXIOT RFID electronic tags are used for information binding to realize the positioning, search, inventory and access management of asset trays, and quickly improve the management efficiency. Real-time supervision of warehouse goods is realized, and RFID technology realizes warehouse automation, informatization and digital management.
Warehouse management operations are becoming more complex and diversified. The previous manual warehouse operation mode and data collection method resulted in high labor and time costs. In order to improve the efficiency of operation, at the same time, try not to change the current logistics warehousing mode, use pallets as carriers, and use pallet identification to make warehousing management more convenient.
The RFID warehouse management system is to introduce RFID technology into the existing warehouse management, to automatically collect the data of each operation link such as warehouse arrival inspection, warehousing, warehousing, allocation, warehouse shifting, inventory counting, etc., to ensure The speed and accuracy of data input in all aspects of warehouse management ensure that enterprises can grasp the real data of inventory in a timely and accurate manner, and reasonably maintain and control enterprise inventory.
RFID technology is widely used in the fields of production, logistics and warehousing. With the rapid development of warehousing automation, equipment related to various industries is also developing in a more technological and practical direction. Combined with the automatic data collection of RFID technology in the system, the information statistics of storage locations and pallets can be quickly understood through RFID electronic label identification. RFID technology will change the field of supply chain, with many advantages such as long-distance identification, accurate and fast, not easy to damage, large capacity, etc., simplify the complicated work process, and effectively improve the efficiency and transparency of the supply chain. RFID lays the foundation for the informatization and modernization of enterprise logistics management, improves the level and efficiency of enterprise logistics management, and reduces enterprise management costs. For more RFID pallet labels, turnover box labels and other related introductions, please pay attention to SZYXIOT technical exchanges.


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