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618 in 2022 | NFC anti-counterfeiting labels and NFC smart watch labels popular application products in adult stocking season

The annual 618 mid-year stocking season is coming to an end. I believe that everyone has bought their favorite products in multiple rounds of promotions. Today, let's take stock of the popular applications of NFC tags during SZYXIOT 2022 618!
TOP3 popular applications of NFC tags:
1. NFC anti-counterfeiting label
NFC chip tags can be read directly by mobile phones without a matching system, and are widely used in social sharing, single product anti-counterfeiting, etc. With the enhancement of people's awareness of anti-counterfeiting and traceability, among the 618 popular products, the NFC anti-counterfeiting series of self-adhesive labels are scheduled to far exceed NFC social sharing. Class tags, grabbing the top 1 NFC sales list;
2. NFC smart watch tag
NFC smartwatches are popular electronic products in recent years. An anti-metal NFC tag is attached to the back of the smartwatch display for built-in use. You can write URLs, vCards, social accounts, payment accounts and other related applications. NFC smart watch tags have become the dark horse among the 618 new products this year. SZYXIOT's 18*18mm NFC Anti-Metal Smart Watch Tag is in the top 2 on the NFC sales list. NFC tags are used with smart watches and have also become a must-have for fashionistas.
3. FPC material NFC tag

SZYXIOT's FPC material high-frequency copper etched flexible anti-metal micro NFC tags are suitable for anti-counterfeiting traceability supervision of jewelry, toys, electronic products, food, tobacco and alcohol, drugs, cosmetics and spare parts, as well as some embedded applications. The shape of the product can be customized according to needs custom made. 9mm diameter, 15*5.8mm FPC material NFC chip tag phone case application ranked the top three in this year's 618 NFC tag sales list.
Of course, in addition to the top three products in sales, personalized products such as NFC self-adhesive labels and NFC payment cards are also very popular with customers. It is believed that passive RF technology products will gain more applications in the future. (NFC sales ranking statistics come from SZYXIOT internal sales ranking) 618 New and old customers who did not make an appointment during the promotion period, go to make an appointment during the promotion period! For more RFID tags, NFC tags and other related introductions, welcome to pay attention to NFC tag manufacturer SZYXIOT.


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