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With the increasing number of counterfeit and inferior products, consumers' purchase of counterfeit and inferior products has an impact on the brand, which is also a loss to the consumers themselves, and has also formed many negative effects on enterprises, even leading to the loss of loyal customers. In order to avoid this situation, many companies have begun to introduce QR code anti-counterfeiting labels. Consumers can quickly distinguish the information of items after scanning the function. The product can also be better passed through. Today, use the iIoT Let's understand the reasons for the popularity of the QR code anti-counterfeiting technology and its advantages.


Reasons for the popularity of QR code anti-counterfeiting:

For a long time, issues such as counterfeit and shoddy goods and market fleeing have always been the targets of the country's focus on attacking. The country and enterprises spend a lot of manpower and financial resources on anti-counterfeiting and anti-counterfeiting every year, which seriously affects the country's economic development. However, due to factors such as the lack of anti-counterfeiting skills, anti-counterfeiting methods, and the lack of anti-counterfeiting labels for general products, consumer interests cannot be discussed. The success of the anti-counterfeiting function of the electronic manual has made up for this shortcoming. It has anti-counterfeiting features, suits users' habits and is convenient to use.
Using rfid technology to load information such as sales area and authenticity of codes, verify product codes and monitor product circulation links, avoid the occurrence of counterfeiting and other phenomena, which is convenient for enterprises to handle, improve consumer satisfaction and establish brand image.
How do companies use electronic manuals to accurately reach users?
The advantages of QR code anti-counterfeiting skills:
1. Use independent QR code encryption technology to mark the product, and print or label the QR code on the product packaging. The user only needs to go through the designated independent QR code anti-counterfeiting system or mobile phone software for decoding and inspection, and it will be useful Verify the authenticity of the product and obtain detailed information.
2. The QR code can store abundant product information, and it is not easy to be copied or misappropriated after being encrypted. The product information comes from the official release of the company. The inquiry channel is regular and professional, which realizes the high efficiency of anti-counterfeiting and source of product information.
3. After the QR code is used, the system will record the record of the first scan, and it cannot be rolled back to prevent second-hand goods.